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Destination Tennessee Wedding

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Marc and Julia have been together since middle school, so their wedding was a celebration for sure!! They got married at The Views at Sunset Ridge, a gorgeous venue located just past the Tennessee/Georgia line. It sits at the top of the mountains, has 360 degree views, and consists of three stories. It is perfect for larger weddings where you can get ready, married, and have a reception/after party all in different spaces, which also allows for a great guest experience.

Venue Highlights:

A super special part fo their day was their vow exchange. They decided against a first look, but still wanted some time together before the craziness of their wedding day. I had them each hidden behind walls where they took turns sharing their hand written vows. Some tears were shed, and it was a super special moment they got to share before seeing each other coming down the aisle.

If you haven't heard it yet, you will, but the rest of the day flies by after the ceremony. Part of my job is making sure to document the little in between moments, but also the big ones so you can remember it all. Some more from the remainder of Marc and Julia's day is below.

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