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hi! i am kristen sudge

Kristen Sudge

Kristen is a Senior at the University of North Georgia majoring in Art Marketing (May 2022). Her educational career allows her to dabble in a wide variety of courses ranging from graphic design, photography, ceramics, advertising, marketing, accounting, and sculpture just to name a few... Her experience in different mediums will benefit the needs of unique clients. She has a strong passion for art, especially in the fields of photography and digital media which continue to grow her interest in the world of marketing and advertising. 

Kristen's current endeavor as a Creative Intern with The Edge Agency has granted her the opportunity to immerse herself in creative agency work. Conquering tasks such as graphic creation, social media production schedules, and mood boards, Kristen has the opportunity to create content for a variety of clients and their brands. Her experience as a Creative Services Intern at Make-A-Wish Georgia has equipped her with the ability to oversee, elevate, and collaborate the tone of an institutionalized brand and their content. Her communication skills were strengthened while working on a team, and she loves collaborating ideas with others to produce top tier work. From creative writing, graphic design, and social media Kristen was able to learn and grow with the Marketing team. 


Her work as a small business owner keeps her organized, creative, and proficient within the Adobe Creative Suite. She has created and managed her own personal brand and has knowledge of social media engagement strategies along with content creation. The hustle she puts into her own business each day was acknowledged when she was awarded with the UNG Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award (2020).

In her free time, Kristen loves playing with her Goldendoodle, Ruby, doing yoga, exploring new cities, and ordering caramel lattes from trendy coffee shops.

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