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I am seriously SO happy you are here! 

A little about where this all began- My first photoshoot was at the age of eleven second shooting a wedding... I seriously have not put my camera down since. I decided to officially launch Kristen Elise Photography in 2018, and I am never looking back. Only lots of big dreams  ahead of me!

What do I love about photography? The real, raw, and genuine moments. The big belly laughs, the wedding day tears, the giddy parents holding their new born babe. Give me ALL of the mushy gushy feels + my camera and your images will tell the most memorable story. Special seasons and milestones make my heart sing. I firmly believe in creating art so that you and your family can cherish the memories and feelings from your unique and special season. 

On another note, you could say I'm pretty obsessed with my golden doodle Ruby, listening to music, getting way to excited over a good thrifted find, finding the most aesthetically pleasing brunch spot (100% guilty of instagramming my food...), and anything that makes me laugh. 

I can't wait to get to know you and your story. Lets do this thing!!!!

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